Music Instruction - Ajax guitar teacher

Guitar teacher in Ajax, Pickering, Durham Ontario.



It's been a long journey since I started making music with the guitar almost 20 years ago.  Though I don't remember every step I took along the way there were certainly periods of excitement, growth, success, and also boredom, stagnation and down right confusion.

It wasn't until I gained a passion for the classical guitar and its' music that I was motivated enough to work myself through those difficult and paralyzing stages of learning.  After all those years learning and practicing up to 6-7 hours on some days.  I finally realized how an instructor could have guided me more efficiently, less painfully, and with more understanding to become the player I am today.  Still, it is always mind-blowing to know just how much more is out there to learn and discover.

Here's an old practice video of mine from 2008. A small piece by composer Jose Luis Merlin titled Evocacion.